Daisy Cooper Ceramics

Kiln Firing Service


Kiln Firing Service

Daisy runs a kiln firing service from her studio in Brunswick.  

Drop off and pick up from our studio and we will pack and fire your work for you. 

Kiln Dimensions 61cm L x 61cm W x 76cm H

Bisque - $150

Glaze - EarthenWare or StoneWare - $180

Max temp 1280'

This includes kiln-loading, kiln-programming and electricity costs.

Please be careful with glaze  application as this can damage the kiln and its furniture. Please provide us with your glaze temperature and make sure all glaze is removed from the underside of work. Any damage caused by your work must be paid for.

NB Please note that kiln bookings are confirmed by payment in advance and that bulky packaging should be taken away once items are delivered. Unfortunately storage cannot be offered.


Please complete the form below for firing form and payment details

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