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Earthen - Collaboration Launch

I'm so pleased to announce that my collaborative project

- Earthen -

has now launched at Midgley Green

This project has seen me dig and collect raw clay from the Bog of Balloch, near my home in Scotland, drive it all the way down to my studio in London, process and make the earth clay usable and then hand form a collection of truly unique vessels.

Each piece draws inspiration from the natural landscape around Perthshire, the shapes, marks and history of this wilderness; the clay itself is a beautiful rich red earthenware, sparkling with flecks of Mica from the surrounding mountains.

The next step was to smoke fire each piece using only natural materials and a collection of flora from the dig site - this gentle process of smoking ceramics for 12 hours left a soft and subtle marking across the red clay body, this contrast of red and smoky black spoke further of the natural beauty of our wildernesses.

Each vessel is truly unique and all natural with the intention that one day it will return back into the earth.

The full collection and more about our collaboration can be found on MidgleyGreen's website; the pieces are available to buy exclusively through their webshop.

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