Daisy Cooper Ceramics



Earthen is a collaborative project between Midgley Green and myself.

With clay that I dug myself from my home in Perthshire, processed here in my studio in London and smoke fired to create a collection of unique vessels. Earthen looks to reflect my connection to my upbringing in Scotland, my sense of belonging and highlight the importance of creating pieces that are meant to be treasured and one day returned to the earth.

Find out more on Midgley Green's collaboration page

Still Life

Still Life is a collaborative project between stylist Louie waller, photographer Rita Platts & myself.

We looked toward the dutch master painters to create emotionally charged, moody photographs taking inspiration from the natural colour palette of my ceramics which in turn takes inspiration from the ever changing moody landscapes of the Scottish wilderness. 

Aida Shoreditch

For the launch of Aida's new homewares department I worked closely with their in-house designer and buyer, Rhianna Sizeland, to create a collection of tableware for Autumn/Winter 2015 and then again for their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection.

These collections were exclusive to the Aida Shoreditch store.